Though I know the River is Dry

though i kown the river is dry

About the film

He has returned to Palestine. On the fraught road through the country he relives the choice that sent him to America and the forces of history now driving him home.

From UK / Palestine / Egypt / Qatar
19 min

International Film Festival Rotterdam Nominee 2013

ThoughIKnowtheRiverisDry_PosterDirector: Omar Robert Hamilton
Screenwriter: Omar Robert Hamilton
Producer: Louis Lewarne
Director of Photography: Omar Robert Hamilton
Editor: Omar Robert Hamilton
Sound Design: Basel Abbas
Main Cast: Kais Nashif

Vidéo: trailer


About Omar Robert Hamilton

Omar Robert Hamilton is an independent filmmaker, producer of the Palestine Festival of Literature and a founding member of the Mosireen Collective in Cairo. Since 2011 he has made dozens of short documentaries on the Egyptian Revolution, helping to make Mosireen the most watched non-profit YouTube channel in Egypt of all time. His films have appeared on the BBC, al Jazeera and ONTV; his articles in the Guardian, the BBC and the Big Issue and his photographs in the Guardian, the Economist, al Shorouq and the Daily Beast.

Q&A with the director

Portrait_ORHamiltonHow long did it take to make your short? Was it difficult to get financing? 

It took about two years in total. We decided to try crowd-funding to finance the film and it was a tremendous success. In the end we ran two separate campaigns – one for production costs and one for post-production – and were supported by 161 people, which was a great motivator.

Which thoughts come to mind concerning a “European cinema community”? 

I think it’s a crucial step towards challenging the monopoly that Hollywood has over audiences across the world.

If you owned a theatre for one night, which films would you screen? 

It depends where the theatre is. If it was in New York, I’d show a night of Palestinian revolutionary cinema and archival material. If it was in Palestine, I’d show a night of Third Cinema films.

What is your next project? 

I’m cutting together a feature documentary on the Egyptian Revolution using the video archive that has been collected and housed by the Mosireen Collective, of which I’m a member.



Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2013 / Best Film from the Arab world award in the Short Film Competition section
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013 / Prix UIP Rotterdam (European Short Film) International

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European Film Academy



Film contacts:

Omar Robert Hamilton
39 Theatre St
London SW11 5ND
tel: +20 100 573 57 11





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