Pauline Gay, one French film-maker in HK for the festival

pauline-gayPauline Gay, the French director of “Tomorrow will be good”, one of the 10 short films of the Festival 2013 selection, will spend one week in Hong Kong.

During this first visit to Asia, her film will be presented in 4 screenings and she will attend Q&A sessions at HK Film Archive, Fringe Club and HK Arts Center. Pauline will also make workshops with Film students from CityU and from HK APA.

“I’ve never been to Hong Kong before and I’m totally stoked to be part of the festival. It’s always an honor for me to show my work in new places.“ *

One week residence in Wing Lee Street

Thanks to Hong Kong Arts Center’s artist-in-residence programme, Artist Home Base (AHB), the French director will spend one week in Wing Lee Street. During her residential stay, Pauline Gay will create a personal artwork about the neighbourhood and Hong Kong, which will be showcased in a finale exhibition in 2014.

“It is a honor to have Pauline Gay staying at the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s artist-in-residence project, Artist Home Base. We sincerely hope that Pauline would enjoy her stay, get the chance to explore Hong Kong, and be inspired by her experience here. “, according to HK Arts Center.

“Anyone can be a source of inspiration for me. It can be a gesture, a way of walking or talking. It’s like a love at first sight. it is inexplicable.” *

tomorrow-will-be-good pic 1

7th film in production

“Tomorrow will be good” is the 6th film directed by Pauline Gay. The film is the portrait of two lost girls, Celine, just 20 years, and her best friend, Melody, 19 years. And the story of one day in their lives. The short film has won 2 awards: Best European Short Film at Film Festival 2011 Ghent (Belgium) and Best Short Film at International Women’s Film Festival of Creteil 2012 (France) and was selected for the directors fortnight at Cannes Film Festival 2011. Pauline is currently preparing her 7th production, “A House is not a home”. 

Presentation of the film “Tomorrow will be good”

Pauline Gay in Hong Kong

. The film“Tomorrow will be good” will be shown on Wednesday 9/10 (at HK Film Archive, at 7 pm), on Friday 11/10 (at Fringe, at 8 pm) and on Saturday 12/10 (at HK Art Center, at 4 pm)

. Q&A with Pauline Gay will be hold on Wednesday 9/10 (8.30 pm at HK Film Archive), on Friday 11/10 (9.30 pm at Fringe Club) and on Saturday 12/10 (5.30 pm at Hong Kong Art Center)

Workshops with HK Film students from CityU (on Thursday 10/10) and from HK APA (on Friday 11/10). 

* Interview of Pauline Gay in Time Out HK (September 2013)


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