The 3rd European Union Short Film Festival will happen in Macau in December 2015.

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Casa Garden Macau

The 1st European Short Film Festival happened in Macau from Saturday 26 october to Saturday 2 November 2013.

The 10 shorts were shown in one venue:

Casa Garden (Orient Foundation)

Praça Luís de Camões, 13




The films are presented in 2 programme sections of around 90 minutes each.

 Part 1  Part 2
Superman, Spiderman or Batman (Romania)
Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day (Portugal)
Out of Frame (Greece)
How to pick berries (Finland)
Back of Beyond (UK)
Two hearts (Ireland)
Villa Antropoff (Latvia / Estonia)
Beast (Hungary)
Two ships (France)
Tomorrow will be good (France)



. Saturday 26 October, Opening Screening and drink

5 pm: refreshments

7 pm: screening (part 2)

. Sunday 27 October

3 pm: screening (part 2)

5 pm: screening (part 1)

. Wednesday 30 October

7 pm: screening (part 2)

. Thursday 31 October

7 pm: screening (part 1)

. Friday 1 November

7 pm: screening (part 2)

. Saturday 2 November

3 pm: screening (part 2)

5 pm: screening (part 1)

The screenings are opened free to the public, no tickets or booking are required. 80 seats per screening. Thanks to arrive 15 minutes before the start.

The 1st European Short Film Festival in Macau is organized by the European Union office to Hong Kong and Macau and Sinapses Asia, in cooperation with the European Film Academy, with the support of Institute of European Studies of Macau, and Orient Foundation in Macao

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