EUSFF Asia starts its 2015 tour in Ningbo (China)

The EU Short Film Festival Asia is coming back to mainland China for a new selection of films and a new series of events (screenings, workshops, masterclasses …). The first step in our 2015 Tour is in Ningbo. EUSFF is joining the Forward International Short Film Festival of  Ningbo (Zeijiang) to share the shorts with the Chinese  film fans.

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From October 3 to October 7, 3 kind of activities are organized jointly by Ningbo Cultural Plaza and Sinapses Asia: screenings, masterclasses and short film production camp for Chinese young filmmakers.

For this first partnership, the Ningbo festival organizers also invited 3 directors from this year selection to attend the Festival and to discover China for 2 weeks. After Ningbo, they will visit Shanghai and Beijing.


October 3 8.30 pm (CGV Cinema Movie Hall 1) EUSFF Asia 2015 Part 1

October 4 8.30 pm (CGV Cinema Movie Hall 2) EUSFF Asia 2015 Part 2

October 6 8.30 pm (CGV Cinema Movie Hall 2) EUSFF Asia 2015 Part 1

Master classes

October 3 3-5 pm (Ningbo Science Exploration Center Auditorium) masterclass with Una Gunjack (Sarajevo-born Director of The Chicken)

October 4 3-5 pm (Ningbo Science Exploration Center Auditorium) masterclass with Jan-Gerritt Seyler (German Director of Still got lives)

October 5 3-5 pm (Ningbo Science Exploration Center Auditorium) masterclass with Clément Tréhin-Lalanne (French Director of Aissa)

Short film production camp

The 3 European directors will each follow and advise a group of young Chinese filmmakers for the writing, shooting and editing of a short film of maximum 10 minutes. The 3 films will be shown during the Closing ceremony of the festival and a jury of Ningbo citizens will vote for the best film.


The next steps of the EUSFF Asia 2015 tour will be in Shanghai (from 9 to 10 October) and in Beijing (from 12 to 15 October 2015).

Thanks to our partners in Ningbo !


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