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Sinapses Asia Ltd created the EU Short Film Tour Asia (EUSFT Asia) in 2013 in order to promote European short film and culture in Asia. This event is organized in close cooperation with the European Film Academy (EFA), and especially its short film initiative SHORT MATTERS!.

Our aim is to bring to Asian film audience award-winning short films which show the diversity of the European cinema and culture.

Every year Sinapses Asia is organizing with different partners many screenings and other events (Q&A, shiort film production camp, mastrer classes ..) all over Chinese speaking Asian countries.

The content of the screenings is mainly composed of the nominees of the European Film Awards short film category. All the screenings are free for the public. (Simplified and traditional) Chinese and English subtitles will be provided.

With the support of partners, EUSFT Asia is also bringing European directors who accompagn their film into Asian cities and who will meet Asian film fans.

In 2013, in partnership with the European Union Delegations in Hong Kong and Beijing, the 1st edition of the EU Short Film Tour Asia was held in october and november 2013. The 10 short films of the EUSFT Asia selection were nominees of the European Film Awards short film category. The 10 films of the EUSFT Asia 2013 programme have all won awards in various European film and short film festivals. Directors of the films come from 8 European countries.

The screenings were held in different cities/countries: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Beijing.

In 2014, we’ve held the second edition of  EU Short Film Tour Asia. The short films of the EUSFF Asia selection were nominees of the European Film Awards short film category. The 10 films screened in the Festival have all won awards in various European film and short film festivals. Directors of the films come from 8 European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The screenings were held in different cities/countries: Shenzhen (10-15 may 2014), Beijing (1-7 June 2014), Shanghai, Macau (15-21 September 2014) and Hong Kong (22-29 September).

butter lamp

Picture from “Butter Lamp”, one of the shorts of the EUFF Asia 2014 selection

In 2015, EUSFT is expanding into mainland China with screenings and events in Ningbo, Shanghai and Beijing. Thanks to the support of Ningbo FORWARD Short Film Festival, 3 European directors will be on board for the tour. The screenings in Beijing will be part of the European Union Film Festival. 11 short films will be shown during this tour.

In 2016, from 24 November and 18 December 2016, Sinapses Asia and its partners are proud to bring to China 8 European short films and 4 films makers for the 4th EU Short Films Tour in Asia. This will be the forth cooperation of Sinapesasia and China. The screenings, workshops, film shooting, award and other activities will happen in over 6 cities, including Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. The 8 short films have been provided by The European Film Academy. They were all finalists for the European Film Awards 2015 (12 December 2015, in Berlin).


  Special thanks to our partners !

Sinapses Asia would like to thank deeply its partners for the 4th EU Short Films Tour in Asia : European Film Academy, Delegation of the European Union in Beijing, European Film Festival in China, China International New Media Short Film Festival, ErgengTV, Chengdu International Short Film Week, Unifrance, French Alliances of China, Goethe Institute China, Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai), Moca Museum (Shanghai), Design School of East China Normal University, Nanjing University of the Arts, Broadway Cinema MOMA Beijing, Beijing Film Academy, HK City University, HK APA.


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