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Manol − a retired general, a loving grandfather − is a patriarch of firm morals and fixed beliefs, which he has upheld in his household. But on this day he learns that the boy he raised is gay. The life choices of his loved ones challenge his values in a battle he has lost by default.

Bulgaria & Germany
30 min

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Nominee

DIRECTORPavel Vesnakov

Screenwriter: Vanya Rainova, Pavel Vesnakov
Producer: Vanya Rainova
Director of Photography: Orlin Ruevski
Editor: Karen Tonne
Production Design: Nikolai Zlatanov
Sound Design: Veselin Zografov

pride 2

Director’s statement

When I was 5, my parents lost their jobs. Bulgaria was in the early throws of transition to democracy and market economy, and many people of my parents’ generation faced a choice: they could either immigrate and brave the unknown or stay and cope with the countless compromises they’d have to make. My parents left. 
Therefore, I spent the next several years living with my grandparents. Looking back, I realize that my grandfather was the greatest influence in my formative years, teaching me not only to read, write, add and subtract, but also laying the foundation of my morality. 
Thanks to him I never felt my parents’ absence. And yet, he and I are products of different eras and today I often find my values at odds with his. Despite our great relationship and his guiding presence in my youth, there is a chasm we can’t bridge. This conflict is at the heart of the film I’d like to make.
Pride will show how the fond relationship between a boy on his way to manhood and his grandfather is threatened by their difference in values. The grandfather – a patriarch whose sense of responsibility for the boy translates into his need to make him fit into his inflexible idea of a “real man” — can’t deal with the news that the boy is gay. He is devastated, angry, ashamed, and determined to fix the problem before the boy’s parents (who work abroad) visit. But the more he tries to force reality into his idea of a perfect world, the more obvious becomes that this is an impossible cause. 
My goal is to help the viewer understand and feel empathy for both characters. I’ll shy away from the moral definitive and will focus on the humanity of it all, capturing the nuance in this conflict of values. 
I trust the story will touch viewers of all ages and walks of life. I hope for a poetic cinematic document that will show the difficulty of cross-generation communication in out post-communist society. 
The visual style of the film is inspired by The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, Wendy and Lucy, Ballast, Fish Tank and Eastern Plays. I’ll tell the story in a contemporary way, relying on the artistic devices of neo-realism and minimalism. I intend to use longer, slower shots with the camera revealing the action without ever interfering with it. The viewer will be treated to a raw and honest visual narrative. The lack of music will additionally strengthen the sense of realism and candor. Everyone will be free to interpret the action without imposing conclusions.

Trailer of the film:

PRIDE | ЧЕСТ – Teaser from Pavel G. Vesnakov on Vimeo.


Director’s bio/filmography

Pavel G. Vesnakov is an award-winning Bulgarian film director born in 1987. He holds a bachelor’s de- gree in Visual Arts and a master’s degree in Film Arts from the New Bulgarian University. He is the script- writer, director and editor of the short film trilogy INCHES OF SUBURBIA, consisting of TRAINS (2011), THE PARAFFIN PRINCE (2012) and PRIDE (2013). He has worked as a matte-painting artist, photographer, editor and director in companies like World Wide Ef- fects, Nu Boyana, Bulgarian National Television and Miramar Film. Currently Pavel G. Vesnakov is work- ing on his first feature film.

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Q&A with the director

How long did it take to make your short? Was it dif- ficult to get financing?

It took me more than three years to finish this film, but I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with these brilliant actors and crew. The expe- rience was very special for me and because of it I now see cinema from a different perspective. It was difficult to get financing, but not impossible.

Which thoughts come to mind concerning a “Euro- pean cinema community”?

The whole European culture is going through diffi- cult times these days and the next few years will be very important for it in terms of preserving its diver- sity and richness. And here I want to quote one of my favourite directors, Andrei Tarkovsky: “Relating a person to the whole world: that is the meaning of cinema.”

If you owned a theatre for one night, which films would you screen?

A MAN ESCAPED by Robert Bresson, ANDREI RUBLEV by Andrei Tarkovsky, THE PASSENGER by Michelan- gelo Antonioni, AURORA by Cristi Puiu, BALLAST by Lance Hammer, WENDY AND LUCY by Kelly Reichardt and AMOUR by Michael Haneke.

What is your next project?

Currently I am finishing the work on my fourth short film called ZEUS’S VOLKSWAGEN and meanwhile I am writing a script for a feature film. Both projects are set to be co-productions.


7 nominations, 5 wins

. Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Won Grand Prix

Won Prix Clermont-Ferrand (EFA Short Film)

. Brive Mid-Length Film Meeting 2014

Won Grand Prix

. Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2014

Won NTR Go Short Award, Best European Short Fiction Film

. Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

Won Special Mention Short Film Competition


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On the web

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