Little block of cement with dishevelled hair containing the sea / Pequeño bloque de cemento con pelo alborotado conteniendo el mar

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A dog and a mare embark upon a voyage together. With every step they take, the differences between them become inevitably clearer, and yet the profound mutual knowledge they develop over time shows the potential to suddenly produce a luminous moment between the two.

Spain 15 min 2013 Fiction

Cork Short Film Nominee

DIRECTOR: Jorge López Navarrete

Screenwriter: Jorge López Navarrete Producer: Jorge López Navarrete Director of Photography: Carlos Mora Editor: Jorge López Navarrete Production Design: Carlos Enríquez, Cristina Martínez Original Score: Carlo Marchionni Sound Design: Cristina Arias Main Cast: Kinara, Tomi

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Director’s statement

Much more than a love story, “Little block of cement with dishevelled hair containing the sea” is a story of needing, of searching, and, above all, of coexisting. The idea of romantic love, in whose name we decide to share our life with someone, often masks other types of needs that have no relation with a firm belief in mutual and unconditional surrender as the ideal manner of living. Nevertheless, the decision to come together and share our life with another person, despite innumerable disagreements, eventually provides a valuable experience for both parties.

Trailer of the film:

Little block of cement with disheveled hair containing the sea – Excerpt from jorge lopez navarrete on Vimeo.


Director’s bio/filmography

Born in Barcelona, after working on advertising for several years i start developing personal video projects. During this time, i attend a Filmmaking International Workshop in the San Antonio de los Baños Cinema School and complete a Master in Digital Video at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. “Little block of cement with dishevelled hair containing the sea” is my first professional short film, a low budget and self produced project recorded in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador.

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Q&A with the director

How long did it take to make your short? Was it dif- ficult to get financing?

Once in Ecuador, and with the script already written, it took a month to assemble a basic crew. We filmed for ten days. Being a self-financed project, we had the final version completed after one year and a half.

Which thoughts come to mind concerning a “Euro- pean cinema community”?
These three words, separately, hold very positive and strong meanings, so all together must contribute to build something truly worthy.

If you owned a theatre for one night, which films would you screen?
I could pay homage to Granada, a really beloved city pretty close to my parents’ town, exhibiting works and performances from two of its most inspiring creators: José Val del Omar, cinema experimental- ist and inventor, and Enrique Morente, avant-garde flamenco singer.

What is your next project?

I have just written the first version of a script con- nected with the forces of disintegration and conser- vation inside and around us. I still do not know the length.


6 nominations, 3 wins

. Cork International Film Festival

Prix UIP Cork (European Short Film)

“From the existential to the scatological, this film is a neat slice of visionary cinema. Navarette’s use of landscape, textured black-and-white photography and great animal performances suggests a surprising amount about being in the world.”

. Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2013

Won Audience Award

Won Jury Award (NoBudget)

“Immaculately conceived, supremely artful and sensitively shot, the most enigmatically entitled film of the NoBudget Competition, convinced the jury for it’s story of high altitude Ecuadorian romance. Guest featuring the Galapagos Brigade Band of Riobamba, and two main protagonists whose portrayal of the give and take of commitment never fails to convince, “Little Block of Cement with Disheveled Hair Containing the Sea” is a work of great ambition. Through Jorge López Navarrete’s masterful edit, the power of cinema reveals and evokes the most profound of human emotions, transforming the runaway tale of a white mare and a German Shepherd Dog into a widescreen epic of jealousy, betrayal and romance.”

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On the web

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Production, World Sales & Press:

Jorge López Navarrete

Av. Marques San Mori, 133-141 1º 1ª A

08914 Barcelona SPAIN

+34 64 6722 376




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