10 films … 18 awards

The 10 films in our 2013 selection have received all together 18 awards

European Film Awards 2012 in Malta

European Film Awards 2012 in Malta

. Superman, Spiderman or Batman (Superman, Spiderman sau Batman)

European short film of the Year (European Film Awards 2012)

Best short film at the Aspen Shortfest (US) in the best fictional short movie category (April 2012)

Award at Aspen Shortfest made Giurgiu’s film eligible for Oscar nominations in the Live Action Short Film section

BAFTA L.A Short Film Prize

Best short movie award at the KALIBER35 Munich International Short Film Festival in June

. “Out of frame”

Venice Film Festival 2012: Best European Short Film

. “Two Hearts”

Cork International Film Festival 2011: Prix UIP Cork (European Short Film) / International Short Film Competition

Roma Independent Film Festival 2011: RIFF Jury Award Best Foreign Short

. “Two ships”

Berlin International Film Festival 2012: Prix UIP Berlin (European Short Film) for Justine Triet

. “How to pick berries”

Bratislava International Film Festival 2010 : Best Short Film

Encounters International Film Festival 2011 : Brief Encounters award

Tampere International Short Film Festival 2011 : Best Documentary

. “Beast”

Cracow Film Festival 2012 : Silver Dragon Best Short Live Action Film

Hungarian Film Week 2011: Best Short Film

Stockholm Film Festival 2011: Best Short Film

Tampere International Short Film Festival 2012: Prix UIP Tampere (European Short Film)

. “Back of Beyond”

Royal Television Society (RTS) Student Television Award in the Post Graduate Fiction category (May 2012, London)

. “Tomorrow will be good / Demain ca sera bien”

Ghent International Film ismedicine.org Festival 2011: Best European Short Film


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